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Trustee Bonds

How do I apply for a Trustee Bond?

We make applying for Trustee Bond easy by offering a fast Online Application, or you can Download Application and return by fax or secure message.  Information required is the same ordinarily found on a personal credit application, and probate case information.  You’ll need decedents full name, county probate case being filed, estate assets, estate heirs, and other information.

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How fast can I get an Trustees Bond?

Once you apply for an Trustee Bond, we typically confirm receipt of your application within a few hours. Additional questions often arise, prompt reply to follow up questions helps expedite process. Once all questions have been answered, approval and issuance is typically same day or within 24 hours.  Our bonds are sent with USPS Delivery Confirmation / USPS Tracking at no additional charge. Overnight and same day courier is available at additional cost.

What are the qualifications to obtain a Trustees Bond?

Trustee Bond, or Probate Court Surety Bond, are evaluated based on three main criteria:

  1. Personal credit history of applicant;
  2. Attorney retained to answer questions for applicant;
  3. Applicant experience handling probate or financial matters.

What is a Trustee Bond?

Probate Courts often order Trustee Bonds for cases when a trust has been set up.  An trustee bond is very close to other types of probate bonds. Surety Bonds guarantee applicant will perform fiduciary duties without fraud or malfeasance.

Do you offer high penalty Testamentary Trustee Bonds?

YES!  All insurance carriers have maximum amounts they are financially capable of issuing.  Sometimes carriers do not offer large bond amounts due to insufficient capitalization of their own assets – the carrier itself may not qualify to issue high bond values.  Since we work with many insurance carriers, including subsidiaries of several of the Top 10 carriers in the world, we’re able to accommodate most any bond value.  We’ve underwritten individual probate bonds of 5 million and more.

How much does an Trustee Bond cost?

We work with many insurance carriers offering Trustee Surety Bonds.  Each carrier determines its own rates, which are typically based on a tiered percentage basis.  Price for a Trustees bond typically vary from 0.25% up to 0.75% of face value, with a minimum premium of $100.  Most bonds require annual renewal payment, however we have carriers that offer a flat rate, one-time-payment for minimum penalty bonds.

Best prices… we beat any scheduled rate!

Trustee Bond Penalty Trustee Bond Annual Cost
Less than $20k $100+ one-time-payment
$20k – $40k $100+
$41k – $60k $103 – $380+
$61k – $80k $153 – $450+
$81k – $100k $203 – $525+
$101k – $150k $253 – $920+
$151k – $200k $378 – $1220+
$201k – $300k $503 – $1620+
$301k+ Varies


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How is a Surety Bond different than an insurance policy?

A Surety Bond acts more like a co-signor than a regular insurance policy.  If Court deems fiduciary duty was violated and payment due, the insurance company issuing probate bond will pay the court.  However, unlike an insurance claim where insurance company indemnifies applicant, they will seek reimbursement for anything paid.

Where do you offer Trustee Surety Probate Bonds?

We are currently licensed to offer probate bonds in the following areas: