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Help! I can’t reach my agent and need to increase my probate court bond!

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In the past few years, we’ve had more than a few clients contact us because they can’t reach the agent who issued their initial bond.  This could be for many reasons.  Sometimes the agent retired, moved to a new location, or the insurance carrier could stop offering certain bonds or products. How to find new…

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What do I need to increase my guardianship bond penalty?

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Once probate or guardianship bonds are issued, in most states, only the Court can change the penalty amount. When requesting to increase a guardians bond, be prepared to provide the following information: Court Order indicating the specific amount decrease, increase or total guardianship penalty amount; Current Accounting or Schedule of Assets resulting in the change…

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Relief from Probate Court Bonds if discharged within 60 days of renewal.

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Annual Probate Court Bond Renewal Premium The standard across the industry is bond renewal premium is due on the renewal date.  This means there’s an initial premium for the first year, then on the anniversary date, an additional premium is due.   Either the insurance carrier or insurance agency send the Probate Court Surety Bond renewal…

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