Help! I can’t reach my agent and need to increase my probate court bond!

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In the past few years, we’ve had more than a few clients contact us because they can’t reach the agent who issued their initial bond.  This could be for many reasons.  Sometimes the agent retired, moved to a new location, or the insurance carrier could stop offering certain bonds or products.

How to find new estate or guardianship bond carrier

Once a probate bond carrier issues a bond, they are on it for the duration of the case,or until the Judge orders bond discharged.  This complicates matters when the initial agent and carrier is unable to help, for whatever reason.  Any new insurance carrier will need to be released from any previous bond liability, or they could be on the hook for claims prior to the issue date.  I’m not an attorney and I do not know all the legal implications and facets of how this works.  However, I do know applications looking to switch bond companies are rarely approved.  It’s like a game of hot potato.

Options to switch probate bond insurance carriers

Since our agency writes so many probate bonds, we not only have multiple options in-house, but we work with multiple bonding brokers who are sometimes able to help with more difficult situations.

In the past year, unless we’re mistaken, Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland through an agent out of Parma, Ohio are no longer offering Probate Court Bonds.  We have helped multiple new clients switch to an alternate probate bond carrier after they were unable to get an increase issued through that other probate bond insurance carrier.