How to determine Guardianship Bond penalty amount – Guardian Bonds

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Bond penalty amounts are often defined by state court rules.  However, some local jurisdictions have defined additional or modified existing rules. For most people, the very first place to start is an attorney.  Unless you are a professional with occupational experience handling financial and personal affairs, like a Professional Guardian, Certified Public Accountant, then you should have an attorney.

The very first place to look in determining your Guardianship Bond amount should be your attorney.  Don’t loose sight of the fact that only the Court can make the ultimate determination of what the bond amount should be.  If there is no urgency, and the court will accept the case without a bond, we always recommend filing the case and allowing the Judge to order a specific bond amount.  Then you know.

Handling a guardianship without an attorney?

Although ‘Pro Se’ representation is permitted by courts, it’s not acceptable to most insurance carriers.  One of the qualifications of a guardianship bond is to have an attorney.  Sometimes if it’s a very low guardian bond penalty amount, we can get it approved without an attorney.  However, keep in mind that neither the guardianship bond insurance carrier, the guardian bond agent, or the Clerk of Court is able to offer legal advice.