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Large Penalty Probate Court Bonds

How do I apply for a Large Penalty Probate Bond?

We make applying for High Penalty Probate Bonds easy by offering a fast Online Application, or you can Download Application and return by fax or secure message.  Information required is the same ordinarily found on a personal credit application, and probate case information.  You’ll need decedents full name, county probate case being filed, estate assets, estate heirs, and other information.

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Do you offer large penalty Probate Court Surety Bonds?

YES!  All insurance carriers have maximum amounts they are financially capable of issuing.  Sometimes carriers do not offer large bond amounts due to insufficient capitalization of their own assets – the carrier itself may not qualify to issue high bond values.  Since we work with many insurance carriers, including subsidiaries of several of the Top 10 carriers in the world, we’re able to accommodate most any bond value.  We’ve underwritten individual probate bonds of 5 million and more.

How much does a high penalty Probate Bond cost?

We work with many insurance carriers offering Administrator Surety Bonds.  Each carrier determines its own rates, which are typically based on a tiered percentage basis.  Prices for bonds in excess of routine issuing limits are manually underwritten, and cost is set by underwriter.  Best prices… we beat any scheduled rate!

What types of high penalty Probate Court Surety Bonds do you offer?

We offer all types of high penalty probate court bonds, such as high penalty Administrators bond, high penalty Executor Bonds, high penalty Estate Bonds, large penalty Guardianship bonds, large Trustee Bonds.  Any type of Probate Court Surety Bond can be issued with high penalties, upon approval.

How quickly can I get a large penalty Probate Bond?

Large value probate bonds are typically reviewed personally by senior management of most insurance carriers.  Often corporate legal counsel and even corporate board members have been involved in very large approvals.  A personal financial statement is often requested.  The more information we provide carriers in advance, the less time approval will typically take.  In general, if we have all of the information requested, we can get high penalty probate bond approvals within 3 to 5 business days.

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Where do you offer High Penalty Probate Bonds?

We are currently licensed to offer large probate bonds in the following areas: