Relief from Probate Court Bonds if discharged within 60 days of renewal.

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Annual Probate Court Bond Renewal Premium

The standard across the industry is bond renewal premium is due on the renewal date.  This means there’s an initial premium for the first year, then on the anniversary date, an additional premium is due.   Either the insurance carrier or insurance agency send the Probate Court Surety Bond renewal invoice to the bond principal.

Most Probate Courts have been delayed due to Covid

We understand the global pandemic has caused many courts to grind to a complete halt.  This delay could postpone estates and guardianship cases by weeks or months.  Most probate court cases have been delayed for many months.  Recognizing this problem, we have been successful in matching clients with insurance carriers who offer better terms at renewal.

Full refund if probate bond discharged within 60 days

We represent carriers with very liberal policies on renewal. They recognize delays can happen, and during Covid there have been extended delays at most probate courts. On renewal, they will refund the full policy premium if bond is discharged before sixty days after the renewal date.

Is my Probate Court Estate Bond due on renewal date

Yes, your estate bond is still due on the due date listed on the invoice.  If you are unable to pay the renewal fee, or you expect bond to be terminated and discharged within 60 days, just let us know.  Depending on case status and circumstances of the estate, we can sometimes request a deferred due date.