Review Top 7 Ohio Guardianship Guidebooks: Chart of Features

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As an insurance agency specializing in Guardianship Bonds, we’re often asked questions about guardianships that are well beyond the scope of issuing a probate bond.  We are not attorneys and cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice.

Our #1 recommendation is always to obtain an attorney familiar with Ohio Guardianships and Ohio Probate Law.  The Ohio State Bar Association has a great list of Estate Planning Certified Specialist Lawyers.

Our #2 recommendation is to ask the Clerk of Court in the jurisdiction of filing for updated Guardianship instruction materials, most current Probate Court Forms, most up-to-date Local and State Court Rules and Probate Statutes.

There is a lot of information published by a variety of organizations involved with Ohio Guardianships.  Each organization has information relative to their particular jurisdiction or a specific type of guardianship.  Please note some may have old court forms, outdated information on statues or rules.

Considering the above limitations of this list, we feel Guardian’s Handbook by Judge Mark J. Bartolotta of Lake County Probate Court currently has the most comprehensive single point of reference.  It includes applicable Guardianship Court Rules, Guardian Statutes/Ohio Revised Code, and samples of forms and how to complete them.  Reference should always be made to the most current Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Court Rules and Probate Court Forms, and your local forms.

Comparison Chart of Ohio Guardianship Guidebooks Available

TitleAuthorPublisherDate of PublicationPagesDirect LinkPage LinkLocal RulesState RulesStatutesSample Forms
Blank Forms
Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship Participant ManualDerek Graham and Paula M. TaliaferroSupreme Court of OhioNovember 2017186LinkNone foundNoYesYesNoYes
Guardian’s HandbookJudge Alice O. McCollumMontgomery County Probate CourtFilename Fall 201748LinkLinkNoNoNoYesNo
Guardian’s HandbookJudge Kathleen L. GieslerOttowa County Probate CourtNovember 201325LinkNone foundNoNoNoNoNo
Guardian’s HandbookJudge Mark J. BartolottaLake County Probate CourtFilename 5/16/2014116LinkLinkYesNoYesYesNo
Guardianship Training ManualJudge Jack R. PuffenbergerLucas County Probate CourtDownloaded 9/201972LinkLinkNoYesNoYesNo
Planning for Bright TomorrowsLogan K. Philips and William K. RootOhio Developmental Disabilities CouncilDated 3/201940LinkLinkNoNoNoNoNo
Understanding Your Role As Guardian: Guardianship Handbook
Ohio Judicial ConferenceDownloaded 9/201920LinkLinkNoNoNoNoNo
List updated 9/15/2019

Ohio Guardianship Guidebook Sources:

Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship Participant Manual by Derek Graham, Attorney and Paula M. Taliaferro, MGS, LSW, Published by The Supreme Court of Ohio, Dated November 2017, 186 pages, direct link

Guardian’s Handbook by Judge Alice O. McCollum, Published by Montgomery County Ohio Probate Court, Undated but filename indicates Fall 2017, 48 pages, Find download, bottom of page at

Guardian’s Handbook by Judge Kathleen L. Giesler, Published by Ottowa County Ohio Probate Court, Dated November 2013, 25 pages, No reference page found, direct link

Guardian’s Handbook by Judge Mark J. Bartolotta, Published by Lake County Ohio Probate Court, Undated but file indicates 5/16/2014, 116 pages,

Guardianship Training Manual by Judge Jack R. Puffenberger, Published by Lucas County Ohio Probate Court, Undated but downloaded September, 2019, 72 pages, Find Lucas County Probate Court Guardianship Training Manual.

Planning for Bright Tomorrows by Logan K. Philips, Esq., & William K. Root, Esq., Published by Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, Dated March 2019, 40 pages, Find download at

Understanding Your Role As Guardian: Guardianship Handbook, Published by Ohio Judicial Conference, Undated but downloaded 9/3/2019, 20 pages, Find download at Find Guardianship Guidebook.

Ohio Guardianship Additional Resources:

Additional Education and Training Opportunities – The Supreme Court of Ohio & The Ohio Judicial System

ONLINE 6 HOUR COURSE AVAILABLE – Ohio Adult Guardianship Education Program – The Supreme Court of Ohio & The Ohio Judicial System