What does it matter where I buy a Probate Bond from?

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There are a few different types of retailers offering Probate Bonds. It’s important to recognize the differences between Probate Bond sources.

Direct retailers are retail insurance agencies who only offer Probate Bonds from ONE source or carrier.  It could be direct from the carrier, or a captive insurance agent.  They only have one carrier, with their one set of guidelines and restrictions, and one set price.  These retail agencies have no choice but to shoe horn you into their solution, because they have nothing else available.

Independent retailers are retail insurance agencies or brokers who offer Probate Bonds from MULTIPLE sources or carriers.  Probate Bonds from an independent insurance agent will allow broker to compare guidelines, restrictions, and pricing from multiple insurance carriers to find the best value for your situation.

When looking for any Probate Court Bonds, always ask the agent if they are able to write for multiple insurance carriers, or if they only offer bonds from one agent.  You’ll usually get the best deal from a free market, rather than captive.